New investement in Smart-contracts payment service GoCredible

Smart-contracts payment service

GoCredible’s innovative smart-contracts payment service is a convenient solution for unlicensed businesses that nevertheless seek to conduct business securely.
In strengthening their successful partnership with the objective of improving the trustworthiness of commercial transactions, Rabobank and GoCredible will be creating both economic and social value. The two partners are in the process of developing several new propositions.


The partnership between Rabobank and GoCredible resulted in 2017 in the conditional payment method Rabo Safe2Pay. Instead of paying the seller directly, users of this service transfer the funds to a suspense account first, where the payment is then held pending delivery and subsequently transferred to the seller. GoCredible supplies the smart contract technology for the payment method and the link to the payment terms, as well as being responsible for the technical integration of the systems of the parties concerned. PostNL is already using the technology for its Gelijk Oversteken service, as part of which sellers receive their payment only after the buyer has received the order. GoCredible previously created a similar service for the payment of used cars called Autobetaalservice.